Never Ending Story

It was a time for the planting season to begin and you’d expect everyone to be elated but for the rains. They had come too early… …and far too much. The earth became a soggy porridge, a fertile breeding ground for a very unexpected harvest. [Tawa of Gentlegiantblog & Beaton of BecomingTheMuse]

The year was 2025. 5 years after the fatal and brutal COVID19 had ravaged the world and left it empty. Almost. You see the world as we all knew it prior to 2020 was now a memory. A distant memory that no one wanted to talk about. [Sophie of]

The few of us who had survived the fatal virus now lived in groups we called tribes. Trying to live everyday. Fearful and distrustful of strangers. Never venturing out of the zones we had set for ourselves. [Mable of]

Mona was the outlier of her tribe. She was 23 and had survived the pandemic. She felt life had to be lived in faith and without fear. Unfortunately for her, her newfound love for life was also the newly discovered fear for her parents who felt safer living within their zones. [OMT of]

So Mona’s faith couldn’t push her through. Fear still covered her like another pandemic was yet to come. In her zone, her girlfriends constructed a mansion where they all lived like it was a little country. Some farmers, others tailors, others saloonists others chefs, they grew their food and partied there own bar just like in the same compound. [Kadali.Bartlett of]

Life was not as Mona and her friends had known it, but through the stories of pain and survival they managed to get through the days. Each time she saw her parents and how her mom seemed safe in her father’s arms her heart ached as she remembered her love [ScotchRoyalty]

Locked in her fear, Mona decided to ask God for strength and restore her faith. Deep down she knew that nothing comes easy but she believed that God will make things right and erase the fear that clouded her and her parents and live a life filled with happiness. [Nikki_zw]

One night, when the clock hit midnight she felt an energy in the room. She heard a woman’s voice say, ‘I am here to lift you up and remove all fear.’ She opened her eyes and saw nothing but still felt this woman’s presence. ‘Who are you?’ she asked. ‘I am the ghost witch.’[BecominguBu of]

Mona knew the witch’s visit was the beginning of the adventure she had been waiting for all along. Just as the ghost witch had said, her fear was erased by her longing desire for something different. Something new awaited her.
The witch only had one question for her, “Are you ready?”. [Tanaka of Passion Victim Blog]

She held in her hands, a book of which she said “contained all the places in the work beyond the Aksum zone she could visit.”

It was at that moment her spirit fully awakened as the raging soul storms calmed, “Lead the way”, she said. The ghost witch took form. [rasmunroe of My Story, My Own Words]

A breeze filled the room and Mona saw the fairest creature in front of her. The sight of the Ghost Witch was overwhelming. The Ghost Witch stretched her hands towards Mona as the breeze grew stronger forming a whirlwind. Mona took the hands, held on tightly and closed her eyes. [Miss_Kayzi of Chipo_kayzi]

Mona couldn’t help but imagine the beautiful world that awaited her and as the speed of wind increased, she could no longer feel her body. It could have been an hour of spinning in the whirlwind but when Mona opened her eyes, she was lying on a pile of snow.

She was shocked as she could not feel the cold from the snow. She tried to stand up, but she felt strange, like her body was not her own. She tried to stand up but ended up on all fours. Her hands were paws and she had a tail. [ Rudo of Basic Girl Blog].

Mona had never known snow could have such novelty, a vast playground before her. Jumping up and down, sliding and rolling on snow in between squeals of joy. The joy was only broken by a delightfully eerie voice, ‘Come Mona, let’s go.’ Tail wagging Mona ran after the ghostly human form sliding over snow. [Blessmore]

Mona went on with the witch across a snow-covered lands and dawn fast approaching they arrived a beautiful green place where she met other creature like beings that looked exactly like her girlfriends with tails too but didn’t recognize her.[Benjamin_Watch of]

“Mira!” Mona called out excitedly, but no response. “Mira” she called out again, now with more zeal thinking to herself maybe she didn’t hear me. And as with the first time there was no response nor did the creature seem to know this name.

Mona looked as puzzled as the other creatures did. “Taja” she tried calling thinking she would answer, but she too didn’t recognise her. She run up to each of her six friends and none knew her or the names she called them. Not Kenna, Anesu, Edith nor Naledi knew who she was. They all just stared at her with the same blank expression one has when they have been presented with a test they haven’t studied for.

“Why don’t they know me?” she turned to ask the Ghost Witch who had been standing behind and watching Mona. “Can’t they speak?” she quizzed frantically as fear began to set in. “Are these not my friends?” “What’s wrong with them? What’s going…”

“Hush now child,” the Ghost Witch interjected. “Your head is so full of worry. That cannot be good for such a young mind like yours,” she snickered.

This did nothing but infuriate Mona and she could no longer hide it on her face. She wanted answers and the Ghost Witch could see this.

“Okay calm down my dear. They are your friends but they cannot speak a language you understand.” The Ghost Witch moved closer to Mira and began patting her head. “They aren’t really present here as you are. These are merely their spirits, only loosely connected to their bodies in the world you come from.”

“So how do I get their bodies here? How do I teach them to understand me?” Mona asked.

“Don’t worry Mona, all shall be revealed in due course. Our journey is just beginning. But what I can tell you is that they will need your help to get here Mona.”

“My help! What do you mean they’ll need my help?” exclaimed Mona. “I don’t even know how we got here or where here is. Let alone your name. All I know is you’re a ghost witch or some entity of sorts.”

“Oh so now you know everyone’s name except mine.” The Ghost Witch laughed and now speaking to herself but loud enough for Mona to hear her, “These kids have lost sight of who they truly are and have forgotten the ways of the old.”

“Mona,” now facing away from her and the others so her back is towards them and staring into the distance. “You have always known my name and this place too. You have been here before and I know you do not remember but during the great illness, when you fell sick and were unconscious. Your spirit passed between the two realms, even though it was just for a few days.”

“I, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Mona replied with a slight tremble and confusion in her voice.

“I know this,” said the Ghost Witch. “Worry not, all shall be revealed soon. And for now you can call me Grandma Kai.”


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