A Crowded Stage

I walked off the stage and there was no applause. No shouts and screams of ‘encore’! No roses or flowers at my feet. It is as if I never once walked onto that stage. It seems the world turned a blind eye to my performance.

Maybe they were too busy gazing at their phones to notice my show was over. The curtain was down and the lights back on. Maybe they were too busy watching me perform through the lens of their phones that they did not understand what my performance meant. They could have been trying to record my piece for a later date.

They want to watch me over and over again yes.

Then why am I not flattered by the gesture? Why do I feel like there is no significance to being on that stage? Why is it that the only flowers I see are now on top of me. Flowers I cannot touch or smell. Was my exit so expected that no one really noticed curtain call was drawing near.

Dead Poets Society

I know I made you laugh and smile. I know because I heard laughter as it rose through the air and cracked ribs with each joke I told, and with each moment I was made the clown. I’m not sure if that applause was for me as a gesture that I had done something cool or it was to will me and my tomfoolery on.

I know I touched your hearts in one way or another.  I mean why else would you all gather around one last time and tell tales around my fire. Your rapturous applause wasn’t felt when it was most needed. I cannot fault you though, you are the audience and I could not force you to see beyond the performance. The stage was mine alone to showcase my worth. I tried to be as theatrical as I could to give you all a show worth your dollar and two cents.

The curtain is down and the lights are on, now you can make highlight reels of my show from your phones and maybe I can get that great applause! For I know your editing skills will show the best of me. Some Oscar and Grammy worthy work. Rise to fame and fortune with your songs and stories of me, I just wish these same stories were audible to me. Not just now when no sound reaches my ears, but also when the spotlight was on and the only shadows that could be seen were those cast by my own body. I lurked not within the shadows of my own stage, although I felt as though that’s where I belonged.

I wish I could smell these roses you’ve laid beside me. Unfortunately this wooden barrier above me is preventing the sweet scent of life from reaching me.

Drink and be merry. Gather not in sorrow or sadness. Bring bottle and your glam dress. Sing songs of love and light, and give me that last rapturous applause.

Final bow

Photo cred: Say howdie to the chaps from Alphabet 😉

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